A Night in the Emperor’s Garden

A Night in the Emperor's Garden - Qais Akbar Omar A Night in the Emperor’s Garden: A True Story of Hope and Resilience in Afghanistan, is an expanded and updated retelling of the authors’ earlier book, Shakespeare in Kabul, which chronicled the efforts of Afghan actors to stage Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost in Kabul in 2005 in the Dari language.


On the occasion of Shakespeare’s 4ooth birthday, the New York Review of Books included a story about our production of Shakespeare’s Loves Labour’s Lost in Afghanistan.

“A few years ago, during a merciful remission in the bloodshed and mayhem that has for so many years afflicted Afghanistan, a young Afghan writer, Qais Akbar Omar, had an idea. It was, he brooded, not only lives and livelihood that had been ruthlessly attacked by the Taliban, it was also culture. The international emblem of that cultural assault was the dynamiting of the Bamiyan Buddhas, but the damage extended to painting, music, dance, fiction, film, and poetry…” Read the full text in the Yale class news